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Sky-O2 pulse oxygen meter,  Achieve personal fingertip pulse oximeter. Know your oxygen saturation and pulse rate during exercise activities with this compact and easy-to-use spot check tool. Take it anywhere you go, the GO2 LED Achieve is the perfect companion to help you achieve more!


Designed with you in mind.


Ergonomically designed to face you, simply place the easy-to-use  on your finger for accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate feedback. The sky-O2 oxygen meter has a bright red LED screen for easy viewing in all light settings



Oxygen saturation display range (0% to 100%)

Pulse rate display range (18 to 321 pulses per minute)

Oxygen saturation declared accuracy range (70 - 100% SpO2 ± 2 digits)

Low perfusion oxygen saturation declared accuracy range (70 - 100% SpO2 ± 2 digits)

Pulse rate declared accuracy range (20 - 250 BPM ± 3 digits)

Low perfusion pulse rate declared accuracy range (40 - 240 BPM ± 3 digits)

Operating altitude (up to 40,000 feet)

Battery life - 24 hours continuous or approximately 2,400 spot checks

Battery life - storage (6 months minimum)


Features  Benefits


Accurately monitors oxygen saturation

Operates with one AAA battery - approximately 2,400 spot checks

Drop tested durability

Water ingress protection

Finger size range 0.3" to 1.0"

Unparalleled customer support

2-year warranty


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